vendredi 10 août 2018

* t e n *

happy birthday homecollection :)

i can't believe this blog is turning 10

i still remember this summer 2008 
- bored as hell in south of france.
i wouldn't have imagined still be here 10 years after. 
but i still love this place.
i don't really know who comes here, but i don't mind.
blogs have slowly been replaced by instagram - i miss so many of them...
and i'm nostalgic of the great era, but, anyway.
thanks to this space i've met some new friends - IRL or not.
i've discovered so many beautiful things, 
been inspired by other posts, people...

yay it's been a nice ride
long live homecollection !

jeudi 9 août 2018

maira kalman's home

looking inside other people's homes is one of my favorite pastimes
and 'and the pursuit of happiness' is one of my favorite books
so, sneaking inside maira kalman's apartment was a real pleasure :)
thank you the cut !

mercredi 8 août 2018


i love these photos taken at burrow by kimisa h. for 'brunch with'
(more here)
burrow is on my radar for a long time
- can't wait to visit next time i'm in new york (*soon*)

mardi 7 août 2018

la jetée

"nothing sorts out memories from ordinary moments. it is only later that they claim remembrance, when they show their scars."
                        chris marker, la jetée

dimanche 5 août 2018

day trip

i miss the sea so much since i came back from south...
on friday afternoon i bought a last minute ticket train for a day-trip to dunkerque,
and that's the best idea i've had !
a visit to le FRAC, long walks in malo,
picnic on the beach (still not recovering from the delicious but way too big couque suisse !),
and the afternoon spent laying down on the beach -- a thing i used to hate but times change..!
a good day )

mardi 31 juillet 2018

time is a longwave

mattheah baim, death of the sun
lauren dukoff

i know that my anxiety is also fed by the time spent on my phone.
endless scroll, from twitter to instagram, back and forth -- my favorite apps.
i've already tried some phone-free days; mostly on weekends.
but this morning, i turned off my phone and stowed it.
(but i'll still check it once a day to catch up with important messages and calls !).

i've come to realize that i was spending most of my free time checking things i don't care. and that's not how time must pass.
lately, before going to sleep, when  i was trying to remember some relevant things that happened during the day, 
i realized that i haven't done anything meaningful or rewarding.
it made me so sad.

so this morning, i took this decision and broke my morning routine.
i checked my phone a last time
then i picked up a magazine and read it while having my coffee
then i picked up my guitar and played for 30 minutes.
it's probably how most of the people enjoy their morning - doing real things - 
but that's not how i used to spend my free time... :/
how sad.

well, we'll see how long i keep this new habit :)