dimanche 28 septembre 2008

jeudi 25 septembre 2008

This Place is Foreign

Mad Vicky’s Tea Gallery is proud to present This Place is Foreign, a group exhibition of artists based in Berlin but born elsewhere. Working with music, video, sculpture, textiles, drawings, photography, and painting, these artists met serendipitously in Berlin and have found ways to use the city as a background for collaboration—artistic and recreational—in studios, galleries, bars, and discotheques. A performance by Hanayo on October 1 at 19:00 accompanies the show.

The condition of international artists in Berlin is more science-fiction than political drama: The works exhibited in the show recall psychedelic, perverse, mysterious, and happy visits to unexplored regions rather than hankerings for national identities or exotic fetishes. Selecting a context for the works of art becomes situational, playful and participatory, perhaps like their creation.
Through the artists’ uses of various media, the show looks at the moment when distinctions collapse between work and play, personal and collective, the familiar and the foreign.

Mathieu Malouf

Brent Wadden


28.09 - 05.10, 1pm-7pm
Opening 27.09, 5pm-9pm
Paris 18, 3 rue Nicolet
Mad Vicky's Tea Gallery
This Place is Foreign, curated by Simon Guzylack

mardi 23 septembre 2008

To do list, 2

Melancholy, Alina Orlova

I have been to hell and back. And let me tell you it was wonderful. Louise Bourgeois

Via Toast

Léa Seydoux, by Benjamin Nitot

Mug Pantone

mercredi 17 septembre 2008


I love the first part of the new Björk video clip.

See the video here.

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