vendredi 29 janvier 2016

mercredi 27 janvier 2016

MoMA Cubicle - David Horvitz and Zanna Gilbert

MoMA Cubicle is the result of mail sent over three years by David Horvitz to Zanna Gilbert.
Zanna started to collect over 150 pieces in her office at MoMA
It was not supposed to be exhibited until she decided to run her cubicle as a secret gallery.

publications studio made a book with scans of the mail - here
conversation with david horvitz on mail art - here

mardi 26 janvier 2016

the Mari

the Mari, a pagan tribe of Russia.
- their story on the new yorker
- photos by italian photographer Raffaele Pettrala

mardi 19 janvier 2016

mercredi 13 janvier 2016


a long-time favorite place

photos taken in october

lundi 11 janvier 2016

beau, oui

(by brian ward, 1971)

david bowie 
08/01/1947 - 10/01/2016

vendredi 8 janvier 2016

mercredi 6 janvier 2016

cheri & anouk

i've always loved cheri messerli & david rager'style and works.
mothermag met cheri and the little anouk
good to sneak into their new home in los angeles :)

mardi 5 janvier 2016

albert lubaki

favorite artist - alongside paul mampinda - discovered at beaute congo exhibition.

lundi 4 janvier 2016

* H N Y *

happy new year to you all !

i make only one resolution : post more frequently here 
i hope i'll stick to it :)

above : snapshots from holiday break