mercredi 30 mars 2016


march 22 - 6.55pm * worm moon
march 29 - 7.55am


mardi 29 mars 2016

the vase project

ceramic by lola giardino from nona bruna
inspired by an illustration by tana latorre

ceramic by leandro marcelino from hey camel ceramics
inspired by an illustration by tana latorre


the vase project _
illustrations by tana latorre for paloma wool
reinterpreted by ceramic artists
more, here

jeudi 24 mars 2016

sw / pnw cabin

coralie turned a garage into a cabin.
from the cactus, the pendelton blankets and patterns to the wooden walls and structure,
her interior is a perfect mix of southwest and pacific northwest.

lundi 21 mars 2016


new necklaces in the making
// listening to rio en medio

vendredi 18 mars 2016

inside the santiago home of pablo neruda

La Chascona,
built in 1953 for Matilde Urrutia, the last love of his life.
Pablo Neruda lived in this house until his death in 1973.
photos by Nacho Alegre, cofounder of Apartamento

mercredi 16 mars 2016


some food pictures off my phone 

lundi 14 mars 2016

ofr., this is our music

ofr. rue dupetit thouars is now a gallery
and the bookstore has moved a few meters away - rue paul dubois.
'this is our music', their new publication and exhibition gathering 23 artist - including the favorites atelier bon vent, rosemarie auberson and the recently discovered madoka rindal.

jeudi 10 mars 2016

"harlem's dreams have died in last decade, leaders say"

harlem, in the summer of 1970
by jack garofalo

in the 60's, an exodus of residents for queens, brooklyn and bronx left behind in harlem the people who couldn't afford or move.
but that didn't mean harlem was lacking in vibrancy, as shown in these pictures.

mercredi 9 mars 2016


london (through an iphone)
last month
islington / marylebone (monocle & daunt books)

lundi 7 mars 2016

vendredi 4 mars 2016

serena mitnik-miller on apiece apart

serena mitnik-miller in her hunting cabin in topanga canyon

interview by leigh patterson on apiece apart
photos by ye rin mok
film by claire cottrell
styling by alexa hotz
* dream team !