samedi 31 mars 2018

the plant

the plant magazine comes with a new design that i really like.
i haven't read it in full yet but having a quick look, even its content seems different 
- nature at large

samedi 24 mars 2018

mercredi 21 mars 2018


after spending the first 35 years of his life in georgia, jason travis moved to los angeles.
there, he started a photo project on people he met, transpLAnts
people who also have moved to los angeles.
he turned his online photo project into a printed magazine
and it looks so good !
exactly the kind of project that i like !

mardi 20 mars 2018


did i mention
one of my best friends
has just opened a dream place ?
no - more soon :)

mercredi 14 mars 2018

clementine hunter

clementine hunter was a self-taught artist 
she began painting in her fifties, depicting life in louisiana
she painted at night, after working all day in the plantation house
painting from memory, her work is a documentation of the plantation life in the earlies 20th century.

photo by carolyn ramsey

vendredi 9 mars 2018


driving towards the sun
on our way to saint malo, two weeks ago.
simon & garfunkel in the speakers
and everyone in the van singing along.

mercredi 7 mars 2018

one-handed lunch

I almost broke my elbow the other day
onigri sounded like the best option for lunch
-- shiso, salmon & sesame, coconut onigri to go
by nani koré at le grand café tortoni

and spot the tableware made by friends :
cup by elsa le saux
and plate by gaelle le doledec

dimanche 4 mars 2018



the soft colors of Norilsk in Russia, 
the northernmost city of the world,
and one of the most polluted too.