mardi 26 juin 2018

here and now

i watched 'voyage en pleine conscience'
('walk with me') last night.
and this is the part that has struck me the most.

lundi 25 juin 2018


less than 24 hours in amiens this weekend --

vendredi 22 juin 2018

lundi 18 juin 2018

lately //

i am still here, i guess
time flies and this little corner of internet stayed asleep.

life has been busy 
but somehow i've managed to 
watch 'katatsumori' by naomi kawasi
(available on youtube)
the new mary lattimore's album is a beauty
like a first aid remedy to listen to ~

these past months, i've shelved all my projects,
freeing my mind from everything
but i'm back now, and the tote bags that i wanted to embroider for so long
are now embroidered :)
i made the first one last week with some lyrics from amen dunes