vendredi 29 décembre 2017

paper bag

cool paper bag from a stationery shop in switzerland

mercredi 27 décembre 2017

the silent world

                        editions de paris, 1953

mardi 26 décembre 2017


on plates
and on an invitation card

lundi 25 décembre 2017

mercredi 20 décembre 2017


pairing movies with food, 
otarkino is a collaboration between film curator vincent stroep 
and the food collective otark; based in antwerp.
 i was so happy when i discovered this book, published by roma publications, at the latest offrprint fair.
a souvenir from the "film dinners" they curated at hetbos.
i'm not sure they are still doing this kind of events but you can still get some inspiration in this book
or in browsing otark's blog.

lundi 18 décembre 2017

three things

marzipan santa
two new wooden spoons for my collection :
above -bought in st petersburg
below - found in a shop for children :)

vendredi 15 décembre 2017

russian toys

moss dolls from the vyatka province, early 20th century

straw dolls from the tambov province, late 19th century

rag dolls from the moscow province, 19th century

clay toys, 1880s
bolshye gonchary in tula

another post about the super impressive folk art collection at the russian museum

mercredi 13 décembre 2017


LMK is a creative studio run by a young woman in le havre
i've discovered the brand during the latest christmas market organized by klin d'oeil
she makes necklaces, bracelets, pins, earrings and so many other things
working with clay, fabric...
every piece is unique.

pins and earrings were my favorites.
the latest photo is the one i got for myself 
- i bought another for a present.
next step : to have my ears pierced so i can buy me her earrings :)

lundi 11 décembre 2017

mercredi 6 décembre 2017

hermitage museum

going through the photos taken in st petersburg
here are some from the (impressive) hermitage museum

lundi 4 décembre 2017

vendredi 1 décembre 2017

russian architecture


random photos of crazy buildings in st petersburg