lundi 19 mars 2012

Morning routine / This Wild Idea

"One morning I woke up, and decided I needed to use photography to connect with folks and tell their story".
C'est ainsi qu'un matin d'août 2011, le photographe Theron Humphrey s'en alla sur les routes des Etats Unis.
50 Etats, 365 jours, 365 rencontres, 365 histoires - que j'écoute tous les matins.

3 commentaires:

elisabelle a dit…

quelle belle découverte: merci!!!!

coco a dit…

hi marion, thanks for writing it in english.
here in my apt, my kithen is small and everytime when i see nice western home with large kitchen, i am very envy of them. but you share the photo of some small kitchen..which made me realize that there are not only big one's and lots of people have small one too. i should be happy for what i have and thankful.
thanks for sharing your find.
it is getting close to midnight soon and as i have to work tomorrow, i am going to bed soon. have a sweet tuesday.

MANDY a dit…

What an amazing project, thanks for the link, you always find the most wonderful things .... have a lovely week X