lundi 21 novembre 2016

here & there

life has been crazy busy these past few weeks
i don't even have time to share a lot of things here
but, among this whirlwind :

i've been reading and enjoying these two books :
'vivre heureux dans un petit espace' by dominique loreau
it could be my new bible - despite the author's extreme opinion sometimes !
inspired by the japanese aesthetic for small spaces, the author advocates the less is more theory.
worth reading for those (like me) who live in tiny home.
'la tendresse des pierres' by marion fayolle
this book put me into tears, really
marion draws the last moments and passing of her father.
it is delicate and beautiful - and sad, obviously.

i'm still listening to this song, on repeat :
"memories" by the proper ornaments, off of their album coming out in january.

i look forward to read jessica koslow's first book !
i've found this really interesting article on food52 about its cover.
the perfect addition to her interview in the latest apartamento.

illustrations by johanna tagada, from her serie "enfance"

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