lundi 1 mai 2017

notes from south

last minute trip to see the sea ~


:: did you know angela davis is vegan ? 
interesting talk to listen to, here
:: i went to see jake x. fussell playing a couple of days ago
this song, still stuck in my head
we had a little chat about new mexico and georgia o'keeffe
it makes me think again about this dream trip i have to do some day..
:: georgia o'keeffe ! 'horizon of a pioneer', an article about georgia in a 1968 life magazine you can read online - here
:: my friends karaocake have a new album out, 'here and now'
they did a little interview for france culture - you can listen to their single and the interview, here
:: this radio show about thoreau was constantly on my facebook and twitter timeline. 
like : you have to click and listen to. 
i did. and it had so much resonance and made me understand so many things about life lately.
it's worth listening to - here
:: a new little interview up on long way from home, with musician calvin johnson, diy & indie master from olympia, wa. go & read

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