lundi 12 septembre 2016

rad lady :: hermine van dijck

my blog turned 8 this summer and i wanted something new.
i've decided to share portraits of inspiring and cool ladies through short interviews.
so, i introduce this new section 'rad lady'
and i start today with the talented Hermine Van Dijck.

i discovered Hermine a few years back through her daily blog ‘Journal de Jours’ (a long-time favorite), her blog about Paris 'Journal de Jours in Paris' and her very cool project ‘Words for Strangers’ - before meeting her in “real life” in Paris, Brussels and Antwerp.
Hermine is a textile designer, sharing her life between Brussels, where she lives, and Antwerp, where she works on her weavings. she also knits and makes embroideries.
i love how delicate is her work, and the soft colors she always choose. 
enough talk, here’s our little conversation :)

Textile designer

What’s your background ?
I’m born in a small village close to Antwerp. This is where I grew up with my 2 sisters and brother. We had an amazing childhood playing in the forest, and having pancake parties. My parents aren’t artists, but they always stimulated us to follow our dreams. 
When I was 18 I decided to go to art school to follow ‘textile design’. The first year I was really struggling with the art-school-live. But after a while I found what I loved to do: Weaving. Since then I haven’t stopped weaving at all. After graduation I went 6 months to Paris to do an internship for a weaving company. But after this time I decided not to take their job offer, but to go back to Belgium to start my own brand.
Since 2014 I’m trying to do that. It is not easy, because I have a part-time-job in a shop, and next to that I’m often doubting about my work (which I shouldn’t be doing, but that’s part of me I think). So the start-up is going really slow. But sooner or later I will get there, I hope to launch my webshop with my handwoven pieces in October. 
Where does your inspiration come from ? What inspires you ?
My inspirations come from everywhere. From things that I see during walks, images on the internet, just a color can inspire me as well. Inspiration is very open to me; it can be everywhere. I think that ethnic textiles or cultures. And ancient textiles always trigger me in a way. They are often made with too much patients and details.

What are your favorite places in Antwerp ?
Buchbar” is a coffeebar where I love to go. The books, and space are amazing. A great place to relax.
September” is a breakfast/lunch/coffee space in the heart of Borgerhout. It’s just one street away from my workspace and I love to drink my gingertea here before starting to weave.

What do you love to do when you’re at home ?
On Sundays I love staying in bed a little longer with one of my knits. That’s really a moment that I adore.

Perfect breakfast / ideal dinner ?
I love taking breakfast  with fresh fruits. From smoothies to yoghurt with fresh fruit, to just a quick banana on the way. 
I love it all. Perfect way to start the day for me.
Ideal dinner is one where you can take the time to eat, while being in company of people you love. I adore the dinnertimes at my parents place. Together with my sisters and brother, being all together.

Favorite thing to cook up ?
I have to admit that I’m not a good cook. In a way a dish never turns into what it has to be. But lately I tried to make sushis for the first time. They turned out a little big, but the flavor was perfect. Let’s say that this is my new favorite dish to cook. 

What food could you eat everyday ?

Secret / latest obsessions ?
Secret obsessions … I love running lately. For the past 4 months I try to run 3 times a week. So yes, it starts to be an obsession.

Last book you read ?
It was one about the Bauhaus. I realized that I knew a lot about the visuals of the Bauhaus, but I has no clue how it has started, and where the Bauhaus came from. I haven’t finished the book yet, but have to say that it’s very interesting.

Last movie you saw ?Amélie Poulain. I was sick for several days, and then this movie can bring me a lot of comfort.
Last exhibition you went ?
Last exhibition was during Museum Night in Antwerp. I discovered a secret museum who has the largest collection of the world of old textiles. From the old Egypt till the first Arabic influences. It was really impressive to see how much beauty they could create with little material. It was amazing.

Favorite websites ?
Since a little while I’m active on ‘Ravelry’. It’s kind of a social media website, but for knitters ! It’s such a great idea. You can collect all your knitting information on it, from finished project, till favorite designs. You can follow other knitters, and it’s really inspiring.
I can stay for hours searching beautiful knits, making wishlists, … 

You were documenting your daily life with photos on your blog. Are there other mediums you’d like to work with ?
Taking photos stays a very important way for me to create ‘my world’. It’s a mirror that I’m setting in front of me, and can make me realize what I’m doing. Either it's good or bad. :)
Next to that I love working with textiles, yarns and colors. I love to feel yarns in my hands, and it’s always magical to see how a thread can grow into a fabric. This can be in the form of weaving, knitting, embroidery, …  I always been attracted to textile techniques where a fiber can make the fabric.  I think I will never get enough of this magic !

Are there new skills you’d like to learn ?
I would love to learn how to do ceramics. I think you must be so focused and relaxed at the same time to work with clay. So I would love to learn that. It’s high on my wishlist.
I also would adore to play an instrument. I never had music school when I was young, and I kind of regret it that I never did. So I would love to experience if it’s something for me.

What’s the most boring thing about yourself ?!
That might be that I really don’t like to party or going out in the evening. I prefer being at home, than strolling around on loud parties, or cold cities. And I really don’t like to be tired. I prefer spend my evenings quite at home? I never liked it. So that might be kind of boring.

photos taken from her instagram

*** merci Hermine ***

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