jeudi 29 septembre 2016

rad lady :: marion

very pleased to introduce a second rad lady : my friend Marion !

not only do we have the same name, but we also share the same love for beautiful things, and a slightly fascination for America !
Marion lives in Paris, and when she travels, she documents her trips around the globe with photos she posts on her travel blog 'earth to marion'. she also collects photos, videos and music on her other blog, shoegazing cat, which is always good to browse.


What are your favorite spots in Paris ?
- Picasso Museum
- Restaurants : Le Servan, close to Père Lachaise cemetery and Pàssarito with kind owner and wonderful portuguese cuisine.
- L'Hôtel Particulier Montmartre with a great view and a terrasse for a Laura Palmer cocktail, where I sometimes take yoga lessons
- Kaffee bar in the 19th arrondissement and Institut de Bonté café at Canal St Martin
- Villa Vassilieff in the Montparnasse station area
- Olympic Café for indie gigs and african cuisine

What are your favorite books & magazines ?
Books : anything by Richard Brautigan, Jean-Philippe Toussaint, Christian Bobin, Tove Jansson, The Corner by David Simon & Ed Burns, La Vie Materielle by Marguerite Duras, Mona Chollet "Chez Soi" in literature & Adrian Tomine, Juliette by Camille Jourdy, Coucous Bouzon by Anouk Ricard and Marion Fayolle's La Tendresse des Pierres for graphic novels.
And let me add one more : America National Parks guide (with a sweeeet leather cover) that I bought this year in Arizona.

I take pleasure by buying my favorite magazines and discover some others at 0fr bookstore : The Plant, Apartamento, Foam Magazine, The Travel Almanac, National Geographic, Suitcase Magazine, mainly travel and lifestyle magazines. I also love The 1 by Le Monde, a French newspaper with a news coverage by poets, historians, writers and cartoonists focused on one single subject each week.

What are your favorite albums ?
That's the toughest question. The first album I am thinking of is Fleetwood Mac's 'Rumours'. It makes me dream everytime I listen to it. Buckingham Nicks & Christine McVie, Fleetwood Mac members, are also favorites. I would add Woods 'With Light and With Love', Ride 'Nowhere', Ty Segall 'Sleeper', Joni Mitchell 'Court & Spark', Slowdive 'Pygmalion'.
Currently, I'm obsessed with Terry Riley and Whitney.

Favorite websites ?
Without any doubt : Tumblr. It's my main inspiration source, specially Lucile Demory's one, but also +
I dig these spanish ladies websites, Miranda Makaroff's, Claire O’Keefe’s, Laura Egea's , and Maria Ramirez’ websites.
Among the music blogs, I check every post of Aquarium Drunkard. It's a goldmine and I have discovered a lot a great bands thanks to it.

Favorite breakfast ?
Coffee. The perfect breakfast would be french bread with salted butter and homemade strawberry jelly.

An ideal dinner ?
The ideal dinner would take place at the beach at sunset with red wine and cheese.

What's your favorite thing to cook up ?
I’m not a good cooker but I make a great eggplant zucchini pie with mozzarella and pine nuts with a green pesto base.

What food could you eat everyday ?
Bread and goat cheese. I’m an addict. Also, I love plane tomatoes and salt.

Favorite piece(s) in your wardrobe ?
A skirt by Paloma Wool and a coat by Sessùn.

Summer essentials ?
Straw hat that protects from sun, with a one piece swimsuit, pastel or black nail polish and my straw oxford shoes that fit with any outfit.

Secret / latest obsessions ?
Monkeys. I truly love them. They make me laugh and cry at the same time. I admire Jane Goodall and I dream that one day I help to protect them.
My latest obessions are Jacques-Henri Lartigue color photographs, Inès Panizzi floating fishes , Alexander Girard design, Georgia O’Keeffe, Blanca Miró (an amazing artist based in Barcelona), and The Night Of, a new HBO TV show with the charismatic Michael K.Williams and John Turturro.

New skill(s) you'd like to learn ?
I don’t produce anything with my hands. I used to work in front of a computer everyday. I would like to learn painting and foraging flowers to make great bouquets.

What do you love to do when you're at home ?
I love wearing my traditional kimono and japanese slippers and reading peacefully.

The most boring thing about yourself ?
Bad hair day everyday.

portrait by clément
photos by marion

thank you Marion for sharing your favorite everything :) 

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