mardi 31 juillet 2018

time is a longwave

mattheah baim, death of the sun
lauren dukoff

i know that my anxiety is also fed by the time spent on my phone.
endless scroll, from twitter to instagram, back and forth -- my favorite apps.
i've already tried some phone-free days; mostly on weekends.
but this morning, i turned off my phone and stowed it.
(but i'll still check it once a day to catch up with important messages and calls !).

i've come to realize that i was spending most of my free time checking things i don't care. and that's not how time must pass.
lately, before going to sleep, when  i was trying to remember some relevant things that happened during the day, 
i realized that i haven't done anything meaningful or rewarding.
it made me so sad.

so this morning, i took this decision and broke my morning routine.
i checked my phone a last time
then i picked up a magazine and read it while having my coffee
then i picked up my guitar and played for 30 minutes.
it's probably how most of the people enjoy their morning - doing real things - 
but that's not how i used to spend my free time... :/
how sad.

well, we'll see how long i keep this new habit :)


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Anonyme a dit…

Actually, I think it i how most people spend their mornings... checking their phones. how sad! but I intend to do the same thing you did, and maybe little by little, we'll convince people!