mercredi 11 janvier 2012

At home : Miranda July & Mike Mills

Le hasard fait que le jour où je décide de poster ces photos de la maison de Miranda July et Mike Mills
(quelque part sur les hauteurs de Los Angeles),
Mike Mills est également interviewé par Nowness sur sa relation avec la nature.

Do you find new direction and inspiration at the retreat, away from all the distractions of the city?
The older I get, the easier it is to tune out the different radios: the internet radio or the “worrying about your career” radio. You just get tired of doing that. I'm good at being anxious, but less and less so. In the middle of the woods you just forget about everything. It’s overwhelmingly alive and real and happening in front of you, sort of enveloping. That's a really profound thing that's beyond description.

Can you give an example?
[American poet] Gary Snyder writes about this idea that there's no better way to get better connected to the wilderness than to be afraid of a mountain lion or a bear. That really reprioritizes our lives in such a radical way. It unravels this world of the internet that we're all stuck in. Any time something prompts you to dissolve our world, a world that pretends to make sense––the world of images and mainstream stories––suddenly they stop making sense. Any time you break out of that, it’s sort of a “punk” moment. When I'm worried about an avalanche or getting lost or which way that bear was going, it’s not unlike when I saw Public Image Limited play for the first time in Los Angeles in 1980––just breaking apart what you thought was the most important story.

Crédits : Casa Brutus Magazine,
puis Nicholas Haggard pour Nowness

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coco a dit…

so lovely space here. love 2nd and 3rd photo. where in the world you can have such luxurious space? i would love to live there

Pascale a dit…

Elle, je l'adore...